If you are involved in planning a wedding, you are probably already aware of the headaches associated with such an undertaking. Let us take the worries off your plate and fill it with something delicious!

"We are here for you" is the main phrase of our mission statement. And being here for you is exactly what we do. In our experience, the more that we can do to relieve your stress then the better it is for you and the more you can enjoy your special day.

Our excellent menu selections are only one part of what we bring to your wedding event. We are also able to co-ordinate the floral arrangements and the event decorations. Let us help you create a setting and a menu that will fit your wedding style.

We will help you create a special occasion that you will always remember...and not for the stress but for the beauty. Every occasion is a "gourmet occasion" when we are your full-service caterer.