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Two Situations in Which a Wedding Caterer Might Advise a Couple to Have a Buffet

Whilst many couples decide to have catering companies organise sit-down meals for their weddings, there are many scenarios in which a buffet is the better choice for an event like this. Here are two situations in which a wedding caterer might advise a couple to have a buffet.

The couple wants their guests to be well-fed but they have a small budget for the meal

If a couple explains to the owner of a catering company that they want to ensure that their guests are satisfied and full after the wedding meal, but they're concerned that their small budget for this part of the wedding might make this challenging, then the caterer might suggest that they go for a buffet. The reason for this is that whilst buffets often feature more types of dishes than a sit-down meal and tend to include a greater volume of food overall, they can still end up being cheaper.

This is because caterers can come up with ways to season and bulk-out buffet dishes with ingredients that, whilst very tasty, are more affordable than those found in a typical sit-down wedding meal. For example, providing 50 guests with a buffet that includes a charcuterie board full of affordable but well-seasoned cured meats, as well as cheeses, fruits and crackers, is likely to be cheaper than serving each of these guests filet mignon or lobster as the main course. However, the former will still provide them with a protein-rich, delicious and satiating meal (especially when it's combined with other affordable buffet dishes, such as pasta salad, potato salad and mini quiches).

The couple doesn't want the meal to take up too much time at the wedding reception

If a couple has many fun activities planned for their wedding reception (such as group games, access to funfair rides at the venue, etc.), they might not want their guests to linger for too long over the wedding meal, as this could result in there being less time for everyone to participate in these activities. However, they will probably still want to make sure that everyone at the wedding is well-fed. This is the type of situation in which a caterer might suggest that the couple have a buffet, as this food serving arrangement would allow people to eat in a more casual manner throughout the entire event whilst they enjoy the planned activities, instead of everyone having to wait for the sit-down meal to be finished before they could do this.

If a couple in these circumstances takes this advice, they might want to ask their caterer to ensure the individual containers in which the guests will place their chosen foods from the buffet are portable and easy to carry around so that they can easily hold and eat them whilst partaking in the wedding reception activities. For example, if chips will be served at the buffet, the caterer could provide small paper cones that would allow the guests to hold their portions of chips comfortably whilst they explore and take part in the event.

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