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3 Top Trends in Wedding Catering

If statistics are anything to go by, March and November are arguably Australia's most popular wedding months. For wedding caterers, now is the time to prepare because competition has never been tighter in this sector. Clients are demanding the best possible service at competitive rates from wedding caterers, and only service providers capable of meeting customer requirements will remain in business. One way to be competitive is to understand wedding catering trends. These trends will give you an idea of how your services can stand out from the competition. Read on for popular wedding catering trends.

Catering Kiosks

Traditionally, buffets at weddings have been characterised by long queues as guests wait for their turn to pick their preferred meals. However, this outdated approach is boring and makes it difficult for guests to mingle. Catering kiosks are fast replacing traditional buffets, and they are doing a fantastic job at livening wedding receptions. Rather than queue quietly, guests are introduced to interactive culinary stations. Not only are these kiosks fun and produce tasty food, but they also allow guests to mingle freely without crowding a particular area. At your next catering gig, replace the buffet with catering kiosks and watch as the guests have the time of their lives.

Family-Style Service

Traditionally, when guests have filled their plates at the buffet, they return to their designated tables and eat their meals. If most of the guests at a table are strangers to each other, then it might be challenging to start a conversation, no matter how tasty your meal may be. With family-style service, interaction among guests becomes easy. The reason is that family-style service allows guests at the reception to pass around different dishes depending on taste. To pull this trend out, you need enough space to accommodate larger tables, and you also have to make the plates and cutlery the centrepieces of the décor.

Incorporate Vegetarian Courses

According to statistics, there is a surge in the population of Australians turning to vegetarian meals. This can be attributed to growing campaigns about animal welfare as well as the need to eat healthy organic food. With this in mind, couples are requesting caterers to offer vegetarian courses at the wedding reception. Wedding caterers are making vegetarian food part of their menus. As such, salads prepared from organic vegetables and free-range chicken are becoming integral parts of most wedding menus. The same goes for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as organic vodkas and wines.