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Two Steps to Take When Ordering a Selection of Thai Buffet Foods From a Caterer

If you will be hosting an event and will be providing your guests with a Thai buffet created by a caterer, you should take these two steps when giving your order to the catering company.

Discuss the spice levels of each dish with the catering company

Although there are plenty of mildly spicy Thai dishes, a lot of the most popular ones, including khua kling and kaeng som, are made with hefty amounts of chillies that can make them eye-wateringly hot. It's important to have a discussion with the catering company about the spice levels of the Thai dishes you ask them to make. More specifically, you should specify precisely how hot you want the traditionally spicy dishes to be, and you should ask them to put labels detailing the spice levels of the foods they make beside each of the buffet dishes on which these foods are served.

Taking this step will ensure that people who adore extra-spicy Thai dishes can easily identify and devour the ones prepared and served up by the catering company without having to waste time sampling all of the dishes and trying to work out which ones are hot enough for their tastes. It will also mean that the people at your event who find very spicy foods unpalatable and uncomfortable to eat because they have a low tolerance for hot ingredients can read the labels on the buffet dishes that indicate how spicy they are and then pick the ones that feature few spicy ingredients.

Make sure that at least some of the dishes do not contain any coriander

Coriander is a staple ingredient in Thai cuisine that is used to infuse many of its salads, curries and soups with a slightly citrusy, fresh flavour. However, despite how flavourful this herb can be, it is crucial to ensure that a few of the Thai dishes that the caterer makes for your event do not contain any coriander.

The main reason for this is that there are people who, as a result of their genetics, find that coriander tastes like soap. As such, if all of the Thai dishes you order contain this herb and some of your guests have this genetic characteristic, they might find all of the buffet food on offer to be inedible. By making sure that some of the foods do not feature coriander, you can ensure that everyone leaves the event feeling well fed.

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